Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Family Photographs

Pena Family
Brian-Jeng and Ari

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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Game Day-GO HAWKS!!!!

Hello!!! are you all enjoying the game??? by now everyone in Seattle is screaming and just cheering for the Seattle Seahawks!! Yes it's the game day, if they we win then we are in the Super Bowl 49!!! Actually I know this much about football :) I have to admit I'm not a big fan of sports but I am proud to say I am a 12th man fan.  It's hard not to feel the electrifying energy and to be in the Seattle Seahawks spirit, yes even for me, as I am typing and watching the game at the same time with my husband (right now the score is 7 Carolina and 14 Seattle) well more of glancing at the game as I type. We are just happy and proud of our team, that I am sure of.  I am impressed first of all with Russell Wilson,  not only he's good at what he does but his faith and love of God.  Glance at the game.
Anyhow I created this photo as my support for SH. My friend Victoria handmade this and gave it to me for Christmas. If you want one here is the link where to get it.
Used photoshop to edit my photo to look this way. I love it. Glance at the game and the score is 10 Carolina and 14 Seattle) .....By now I am thinking I should get me a Jersey or a t-shirt to expand my support LOL! 

Anyhow here are some of the photos I took this week for my "Photo a Day" challenge! I feel I should go out more to do this.  I'm running out of interesting things to shoot.  This morning though the dew drops looks good and again I can challenge my ability to shoot such. I love the result. Large aperture of f2.8 gave me the creamy bokeh. Oh and do you like my new watermark. AC Photography!! cool hah!

Here's another shot of the same tree on a different direction.  Can you see the little drizzle, I did not even see that while I shoot. I was inside by the window when I took this. I can't get my camera wet! That's a no no!!

I like this one. The photo and the flat fish, so YUMMY!

There you go for this week. I'm going to finish the game and cross my finger! But I think they got this.


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy 2015!!!

Hello everyone! 2014 is all behind us now, gone but not forgotten. It was a great year! a lot of answered prayers :) ,  some life changing and the little things.  I am thankful for my faith  a true gift from God.  To 2015 a new beginnings--------life full of promises and uncertainties but through prayers, I will take my concerns, fears and hopes to God and trust the answers that he give and accept his will for my life today and everyday.............HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

Do you have new year's resolutions??? Loose weight, eat healthy, exercise etc etc.....well those are all my aim everyday,  some days I succeed and other days I fail miserably.  This year I think I will concentrate on my photography more, I'm off to a good start I think. I've been taking pictures everyday and sharing them on my facebook page. Photography has been a hobby of mine since forever. I have been the designated family photographer. I teach myself how through books, online and practice. I get some commission job once in a while but really I am merely clicking for pleasure :). 

Here are some of my "Photo A Day"

I love how they look at each others eye! Taken at my bedroom the reflection of the green curtain on the mirror and framed my subject.

These three photos were taken early in the morning. Love how the light illuminate the dead hydrangeas. The evergreen trees created a very nice bokeh for background.

I've been playing with my camera lens capability to create bokeh (out of focus). I love how the red car created a wonderful background color for my subject.

Here's the larger look on the previous photo, aiming on a different direction.

The Christmas tree lights creates a great background.

My mom candid shot! Love it in black and white.

He does not like me to post this photo of him :) but I love this!!!

My morning shoot. I always loved tulip for all season.

Another one of him that I love. He just woke up from the big Christmas eve celebration in the house.

Opposites Attract! I tried to come up with names on my photos, after all photography is a way of story telling.

Thank  you all for stopping by and giving me time of your online life. :) until next time!!!


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Maribel 40th-Semiahmoo Resort & Spa........Part 1

Hello again......are you enjoying the rain yet?!?! well, it felt so good sleeping last night. yap it's was so good that even in my deep sleep I can feel the rain crashing down my window pane and making that wonderful relaxing sound :) Don't get me wrong I love warm weather .... when it's summer time of course, but everything has it's own time and season like it supposed to and yes, if it's rain then let it rain except snow in the winter...that's a big NO! I mentioned last time I post that I will be sharing more of the stuff we did last summer. I know It's late but I'm getting there. That's why I have all these pictures to share and for me to savor all those special memories.

Anyhow this summer my  sister, Maribel turned 40! Yes, the big 4-O and she is a big thing, I mean she matters :) Of course It calls for a special celebration and I think we accomplished just that.
I'm so thankful to all the ladies that made this special day so memorable and so much fun. We had a blast of a weekend. My mom was there, my sister in law, Dolly who hardly go out for fun :) and let alone get away for 3 days, my daughter and niece, and three of my sisters closes friends.  We had so much fun I'm thinking we should make this celebration once a year, with these ladies.  Something about just the girls, we are all kind off crazy and so we can relate with each other! The place of my choice is the Semiahmoo Resort & Spa located at Blaine Washington, a two hour drive from Seattle. We all love this place................can't tell you enough how awesome this place is and just perfect for our needs.  I have not one bad thing to say. :) and it's so close to home.

 We talked about wearing white for a photo shoot. 

Home made lunch prepared by your very own. :)

Perfect day for a picnic and a great photo backdrop.

I may not be in these pictures, but I couldn't be happier to take photos of these lovely ladies. This means a lot........

Really a gorgeous day!!!

Fire pit and good company under the full moon light. Amazing!!